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 Blog Hop * Thinking outside of the Box/ Basket - free tutorial!

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Hello everyone and welcome again!
I'm an Independent Stampin' Up Demonstrator in Japan.
This is the fifth project for the blog hop "Thinking outside of the Box", and we're doing BASKETS!

What I made was: Rainbow basket
I have CASEd a project from Wenches Kort og Papir .
I just love the shape of this basket.
And for the rainbow, I've got the idea from the last month's project which Beate Wacker had made.
(That was incredibly cute! And I just couldn't get that rainbow out of my head.)
But since I don't have that rainbow die, I've decided to use strips of colored card stocks.

I've made a tutorial video this time.
I hope you'll get the idea of how I've made it.

Measurements are as follows:
[A] Base of the box [0:44]
Paper 6 x 6 in.
Score 2 , 4 in. on each sides

[B] Rounded basket part [1:10]
Paper: 3 x 6 in.

Place the paper so the "3 in." side is horizontal.
Score: 1/2 , 2 1/2 in.

Turn the paper 90 degrees so the "6 in." side is horizontal.
Cut 12 strips 1/2 in. each [1:12]

[C] Rainbow handle  [3:09]
Paper: All 5 mm width
1/4 in. longer than the other.
 Red 6 in.
 Orange 6 1/4 in.
 Yellow 6 1/2 in.
 Green 6 3/4 in.
 Blue 7 in.
 Violet 7 1/4 in.

(Sorry, I've skipped indigo. And come to think of it, I should have made Red the longest so the Red comes on top; only if you want it to have it like a real rainbow.)

[D] Glimmer paper (or can be a regular card stock or a ribbon)  [4:18]
Paper: 2 x 1/2 in.

Hope you enjoy!

If you'd like to see more of my projects, follow me on Instagram.
Hugs to you all craft lovers, and thanks for visiting! 

And don't just leave!
Just hop right into our member's posts.
More free tutorials, and you'll never regret.
Tanja Kolar (Germany)
Zoë Tant (United Kingdom)
Yoshiko Endo (Japan)
Annette Elias (Netherlands)
Sharlene Meyer (New Zealand)
Dena Rekow (USA)
Beate Wacker (Austria)
Aude Barbara (France)

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Tanja Kolar - Kreativ mit Tanja  

So cute

I love your box. It´s so colorful and make me smile.
Thank´s for being part of our amazing Design Team
Greetings from Germany

2018/02/18 (Sun) 00:08 | EDIT | REPLY |   



Yoshiko, I´m absolutly in love with your basket! Love the idea to make a rainbow (so happy to inspired yo :-D ...perhaps I can find a bowl with golden choclate in your basket!
Cold ans icy greetings from Austria!

2018/02/18 (Sun) 00:27 | EDIT | REPLY |   

Zoe Tant  

Zoe Tant Stampingscene

This is lovely Yoshiko. I like the decoration bands in particular and using the rainbow for the handle is a really clever idea. Hello from UK , Zoe x

2018/02/18 (Sun) 02:19 | EDIT | REPLY |   

Annette Elias  


I really love the colors and the lovely idea of using the Rainbow as a handle!

2018/02/18 (Sun) 03:48 | EDIT | REPLY |   

Sharlene Meyer  


Oh this is so cute Yoshiko - I love the basket shape!

2018/02/18 (Sun) 07:37 | EDIT | REPLY |   

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